Uselessbox is a device which it's sole function is to switch itself off by operating its own "off" switch.

Last Edited: 11.13.2020

Namun 2020 Website

Calpardo built a website as the Head of IT for the NAMUN 2020 Conference which improved my HTML, CSS and JS skills.

Last Edited: 10.30.2020


The AgriFly is a hexacopter which was designed for liquid pesticides’, fertilizers' and herbicides’ delicate changeable proportional implementations, and it brings new productivity-manageability levels to agriculture. But because of the insufficiency of money, it is only an .f3d file. Click to go online viewer

Last Edited: 10.30.2020

DNA Robotics

In 2019, we barely missed the labyrinth solver competition in the METU Robot Days. We had both the robot ...

Last Edited: 02.24.2020


CalparLink is a webpage that users can create their custom and easy to remember links that redirects from long and creepy ones.

Last Edited: 01.30.2020

Arduino LED Reflex Game

The Agribots Project is a quick example text to build on the card title and make up the is a quick example text to build.

Last Edited: 01.22.2019

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