History of Calpardo

Start of "Perfume Days"

May 3rd 2015

Our founder discovered a paintbrush cleaning solution belonging to another friend in the classroom where the art lesson took place. He then decided to enhance its fragrance by adding some orange cologne to it. After thoroughly mixing the solution with the cologne, he decided to take a whiff. Despite his initial reservations, he found the new scent delightful. Encouraged by this, he decided to create a new perfume.

New scents, new ideas

May 4th 2015

Upon returning home from school, he embarked on the task of designing a new perfume using the materials available to him, such as various colognes, lavender, flower leaves, and more. Through his efforts, he successfully concocted a unique fragrance. The following day, he brought the newly crafted perfume to school in a repurposed perfume bottle and asked his classmates to evaluate the scent. The response was overwhelmingly positive; everyone loved it! Inspired by the positive feedback, he made a decision that day to develop and produce numerous new perfumes, intending to sell them to people in his school.

Progress leading up to the Establishment

May 4-15th 2015

With a desire to formalize this endeavor, the founder decided to follow a structured approach, implementing a simple roadmap that encompassed essential elements such as establishing a proper branding, creating a website, and selecting a fitting name.

EST. 2015

May 15th 2015

On the date May 15th 03:15 PM (15:15), Calpardo is officially established! And for that Calpardo threw a rad little party to celebrate the startup.

Plans have changed

As our founder's primary area of interest shifted towards electronics, Calpardo also transitioned its focus to technology and electronics. Within the company's scope, small projects have been initiated. Presently, calpardo.com's main objective is to showcase these projects.

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